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The 5th Grade Flag Ceremony

By Colton.K

The 5th Grade Flag Ceremony


The flag ceremony was on November 27 when Mrs.Debbie,Mr.Gary, and Mrs. Stacie all told us about the American flag and it’s code. I learned that the American flag has to be lit at night time.  Also when the flag is at half staff in mean somebody in the area or nation has died. Starting on December 1st Flags were put two half-staff to honor the passing of President Bush. Also the Boy Scouts can burn a flag that is damaged.  Then we were split into groups of four to six to fold the flag, then pass the flag around the four to six people.  All the 5th grade classes learned a lot from the ceremony.




Issue 001-18/19

The LEGO Robotic Tournament

The LEGO Robotic Tournament

By Colton K.


The robotic tournament was on October 27th in Camarillo. It started with  an opening ceremony and a review of last minute rules. Each team had a table to keep all their robot pieces and at the back of the big room they had practice tables.  The practice tables were missing some pieces and were not put together correctly. We practiced and tried to get our robots to do more than one mission at a time. We had 10 members of our team and 2 alternates.  Only two people could go to the robot competition table when it was our turn, we all cheered on our team mates. We also had to do a twenty minute presentation on the mission project, our robot design and the core values poster.  The team that won had 124 points and the lowest team had 0, we were happy to get good advice on our presentation and 17 points on a mission All of our teammates were very excited and happy with how we did for our very first time.

We meet every Tuesday and Thursday to practice and get our robot ready.  We will be going to a qualifying competition at the end of November. We now have to fix some of the things we did so we are better for the real competition.   If you want to know more about Team Code Mustang you can ask any of the great team members.


Meet Mrs.Hedrick

By:Kaitlynn.G and Cami.B


        Meet Mrs.Hedrick she is the Jk/Tk teacher at Madera. She has been a teacher at Madera for 6 Years. Her favorite things to do are swimming, horseback riding and hiking. She has traveled to Germany, Italy, Canada, Jamaica, a cruise to Mexico and all over the United States. Mrs.Hedrick has eleven pets and She said “I like to hang out with animals more than people”. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she gets together with her family  and has a good time. Out of all the colors her favorite one is purple.Mrs.Hedrick loves her students and her classroom very much. Her favorite restaurant is The Veggie Grill, since she is a vegetarian after all. If she could meet anyone in history it would be Betsy Ross. She designed the American Flag.


The Robotics Practice Tournament

The Robotics Practice Tournament


By Andy M.

On October 27th, 2018 the robotics club of Madera Elementary School met at Monta Vista Middle School for the qualifying tournament. In the beginning of the school year the robotics team made up a name, Code Mustangs. As the members of Madera worked on the robot, the other teams would go head to head in the competition. Two members would go near the table while no one else couldn’t. The first person would tell the second person if they wanted the robot back, but that will subtract points. On the side of all the stress, the score board, where all the trophies were at, people could see what their team was ranked at. Each team had their own table to work at. The two people who went up first was Jena G. and Elizabeth J. Next it was Andy M. and Colton K. Additionally we had Kayden W. and Joshua G. And finally Nathan W. and Cole S. 

Meet Ms. Amy

By Keira A. and Ava D.


Miss. Amy was born on October 4, 1988. Amy liked and still likes to sing, but doesn’t do choir anymore.She did tap dance with her older sister once or twice. She played soccer and went to school. When Amy was little she loved “My little pony”   and  “Barbies” .  Amy wore a retainer and braces as a kid. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter. Amy’s most-liked Disney movie is The Greatest Showman. The yard duties favorite fairytale is  “The Three Little Pigs.” Her food that is her’s is Chinese food. She has a dog named “Abby” and a tortoise named “Lily.” After asked the question, “ What's the best part about watching kids?”  Amy replied with, “When I’m watching kids, I watch the grow up and learn.” Right now Amy is 30 years old. Her dream job is becoming a famous singer.Her dream home will be at Hawaii.Amy’s favorite restaurant is “Islands.”   The sport Am’s good at is soccer. Her favorite animal are Dolphins. Miss Amy’s favorite candy is “ Sour patch kids.” Her dream is to swim with the dolphins.Amy’s fear are heights.She dislikes snakes.


Editorial: Ice-Cream Trucks

Talk about Ice-Cream Truck

What to talk about:

Everyone loves ice-cream.

Where the ice-cream truck goes. At neighborhood, at house, at the beach, at park, and more!

Not bringing ice-cream to school.

Is it a good reason to bring ice-cream to school or not a good reason.

Good Reasons

  1. Everyone likes ice cream.

  2. Ice-cream makes people feel better.

  3. Eating ice-cream cools you down on hot days.

  4. Ice-cream truck coming to your house so it can be easier for you.

Bad Reasons

  1. Having a sugar rush.

  2. Allergies to peanuts.

  3. Eating ice-cream one cold days makes you get a cold.

  4. Forgetting your money.

  5. Running to ice-cream truck and getting into a car crash.


  1. Do you think everyone likes ice-cream?

  2. Do you like to eat ice-cream to cool you down on hot days or cold days?

  3. What’s easier. Going to buy ice-cream at the store, or at the ice-cream truck?

  4. Can you ask for the price of the item?

  5. Is having a sugar rush bad?

  6. Is safety at school needed when a lot of cars are there to pick up the kids?

  7. Do you think ice-cream should be allowed at school?


I researched if ice-cream trucks were allowed to school, and I found out that a Philadelphia mom thinks no and she is leading charge to push ice-cream trucks away from schools. This happened when she was picking up her little kindergartener from school, and when they saw an ice-cream truck outside the school, her son asked if he could have ice-cream. She calls herself the “Evil Mom” who tells her little boy “no” and he starts sobbing.


Imagymnation Party

By Chris F.

Imagymnation party was a event that happened on friday october 26 2018. It went on till nine o’clock pm. We all went trunk or treating, ate pizza, and much more. One of the cars was mad scientist.As coach jacob said “It was all home made.” “it took two or three weeks.” he said. As ayden said “it's one of my favorite times of year.” I have talked to everyone and they all enjoyed it. In conclusion it was a very enjoyable event.

Red Ribbon Week

By Erin M. 


The Red Ribbon Week is an event of bringing awareness of the destruction caused by drugs in America. At Madera Elementary, the Student Council decides what spirit days are celebrated each school year. The Red Ribbon Week this year started on Monday, October 22, and ended on Friday, October 26. The students and the grownups celebrate Red Ribbon Week. During Red Ribbon Week, some kids wear a red shirt, but other kids might not have a red shirt to do so. All kids received a “drug free-bracelet”. But the most important thing is warning, informing kids and protecting them.

We can have these memories and remember them when will be grownups, because we care about our safety in America. And maybe some of us, when we’re older, can go and work at this amazing school to keep up the Red Ribbon Week spirit. I will be making sure everyone has a red shirt or t-shirt on. I hope you liked my article, and you can ask me questions if you want to.


The School Election

By Kaden W.



The school election is coming up! Are you excited? This year the school is comparing the state  votes to the school’s votes for governor. In other words, the school is pretending to vote for governor. Then the school will compare the real votes with the students’ votes. What do people think? Keiva ( a madera student ) said good for learning …. Math due. Elizabeth ( a madera student ) said they should pick a good governor.  Thomas, a Madera Elementary dad, said it's a good learning process for kids to learn how important the voting process is. Renee, a Madera Elementary mother, said, “I think it's a great way for kids to learn to be good citizens.” And Desi, a Madera Elementary student, said, “Good idea. Kids will have fun.” What do you think? Do you agree to the interviews, or do you think something different?